Fall Continuing Sessions, Nov 3

“How can we, as Friends, center ourselves in Trust and Love?”
Arch Street Meetinghouse
Join Friends of every age from 100+ meetings as we gather for fun, business, and fellowship. Continuing sessions is your chance to network your meeting, share fellowship with other Quakers, and gain new ideas and new friendships. Come to support and grow your meeting’s practices, and center yourself in important ways within our faith community. We are launching the Bridge contact program – a useful link to PYM and Quaker peers. Programs for children, families, and youth.
The tentative schedule is as follows:

8-9 am-Registration, fellowship, coffee & light refreshments.
9:45-1:45 pm-Business
11:45-1-Lunch (brown bag)
1-4-All together time, collaboratives and discussion groups.

Details: www.pym.org/continuing-sessions

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