Barnegat Meeting: Outreach Series

With in-person events on hold, Barnegat Quaker Meeting has embarked on a virtual event series encompassing Music, Mental Well-being during the pandemic, and discussions on Quakerism and Peace.

To help promote these events, Barnegat Meeting focused on improving their social media presence, making their Facebook posts align with their Quaker identity.

They have also started posting on local social media pages, with the goal of making sure the community of Barnegat knows the Meeting house is open and active.

Leading this effort has been Agnes Maderich, who has a passion for her meeting, both its history and the unwritten history of the present.  Her goal has been creating events that capture the spirit of Quakerism, reaching back to the past and looking forward to the future.

Upcoming events include a virtual concert by Carrie Newcomer, and talks on Zoom featuring Tadd Maffucci – about Mental Health in Trying Times, and How Do You Worship in Silence?!  Introducing Contemporary Quakers with Bruce Birchard, drawing on his Pendle Hill pamphlet 332, The Burning One-Ness Binding Everything, A Spiritual Journey.  Please see the events section for more information on these events and how to register, and follow Barnegat Quaker Meeting on Facebook to learn about upcoming events.

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