Haddonfield Meeting: Gun Safety

Last year, Haddonfield Monthly Meeting approved a Minute of Religious Service in support of David Austin’s work with Moms Demand Action, a national, non-partisan anti-gun violence activist organization.  His current focus is the BeSMART campaign, a safe storage education program. 

Gun sales have sky-rocketed since the beginning of the pandemic, including in our own state of New Jersey (which has some of the strictest gun safety laws in the country). At the same time, accidental shootings, gun-related suicides, and injuries and deaths caused by firearms in cases of domestic violence have all also increased.  This is especially true of suicides among young people, particularly in the 10-16 year-old age group. Many of these tragedies could be prevented if adults would simply store their guns safely.

Beginning in January 2021, Dave started to contact local school districts about getting BeSMART materials into the hands of families, as part of the group’s work in New Jersey and nationally.  His former employer, the Evesham Township School District, was the first one to respond; they will soon be distributing materials to Marlton families. Dave hopes this bodes well for future efforts. 

If you are interested in having Dave reach out to your local public school district (or private school) or would like to have him give a virtual BeSMART presentation for your organization or Friends Meeting, please call 856-266-1975 or email:  david.sjmoms@gmail.com.

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