SouthJerseyQuakers YouTube Channel

Please check out our new videos on YouTube – on Quaker Parenting and Climate Change – as well as some older videos on a variety of history, Quaker faith and practices, and other current issues.  We encourage you to share links with your family and friends, as well as subscribing to the channel so you’ll be notified of new videos as they are posted. Here’s more about the two new videos; both offer a list of resources for further learning.

Quaker Parenting – Lauren and Megan from Haddonfield Monthly Meeting talk about differences between parents and children, children’s interest in playing with guns, various ways to address conflicts involving children, and negotiating cultural and political differences.   Applying restorative justice techniques are also addressed as well as helping children learn how to de-escalate situations.  Carleton Crispin, Communications Director for Salem Quarter, introduces questions for discussion.

Taking Action on Climate Change – Ruth Darlington, co-clerk of the Eco-Justice Collaborative of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and Alden Meyer, who works to build coalitions for action on climate change at the national and international level, talk about ways they and others can become involved in the effort to address climate change.  Alden and Ruth also reflect on how their beliefs as Quakers provide a strong foundation for these efforts.  Suggestions for engaging elected officials are also included.    Linda Lotz hosts.    Video was recorded December 16, 2020.   

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