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Continuing the legacy of Shackamaxon

Rev. J. R. Norwood, a citizen of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation, talked about Shackamaxon, also known as Penn’s Treaty – the 1682 agreement between William Penn and Tamanend of the Lenape pledging their peoples would live in a state of peace.  For many years, Norwood has served as the Principal Justice of the Tribal Supreme Court and the senior minister to the Nanticoke-Lenape Tribal Christian Prayer Circle Ministry. He is also Co-Chair,  Task Force on Federal Acknowledgment of the National Congress of American Indians,  and General Secretary of the Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes.  He is the senior pastor of the Ujima Village Christian Church of Ewing, NJ, and founder and director of the Christian Mission School of Theology.

All Together Now: Welcoming Families & Youth -Tri Q 2021 – Melinda Wenner Bradley 

Creating all-ages community is vital to the future of our Religious Society. We’ll explore possibilities for invitation, welcome, and inclusion of families and children in the life of local meetings. How can we prepare spaces and programs to welcome newcomers? How are we called to rethink practices and structures that are barriers to family and youth participation? Participating Friends will return to their home meetings with a renewed vision and specific tools for growing together in spiritual community.

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