Moorestown Friends Meeting: Black-owned Farming

The Anti-Racism Committee of Moorestown Friends Meeting seeks to identify political and legislative priorities to support anti-racism. Given the Meeting’s roots in NJ farming, one obvious area of interest is agriculture. The committee acknowledges the systemic racism that permeates agriculture and farming in the United States. US Senator Cory Booker has taken note of the relative … Continue reading Moorestown Friends Meeting: Black-owned Farming

Haddonfield Meeting: Gun Safety

Last year, Haddonfield Monthly Meeting approved a Minute of Religious Service in support of David Austin’s work with Moms Demand Action, a national, non-partisan anti-gun violence activist organization.  His current focus is the BeSMART campaign, a safe storage education program.  Gun sales have sky-rocketed since the beginning of the pandemic, including in our own state … Continue reading Haddonfield Meeting: Gun Safety