“Political Polarization, threat or opportunity? A spiritually-based perspective”

Friends gather for worship, fellowship and business in monthly meetings.  Friends from 7-9 nearby monthly meetings gather four times a year for quarterly meetings.  We are part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, which includes Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Maryland, as well as Friends General Conference and the Friends World Committee for Consultation. In this period of COVID, some changes in the following schedules may occur, including holding meetings via Zoom.

  • “Political Polarization, threat or opportunity?  A spiritually-based perspective” – Salem Quarterly Meeting on March 14 will feature George Lakey;  Now 83, Lakey has been traveling in his ministry for equality and nonviolence with his most recent books, Viking Economics (2016) and How We Win (2018).  The paperback edition of his book, Facilitating Group Learning, will be published this summer.  His first arrest was at a civil rights demonstration in March, 1963, and most recent was January 10, 2020 while demanding the U.S> Congress respond to the climate crisis.  He has taught at Swarthmore, Haverford, Pendle Hill and Woodbrooke in England.  A member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, he’s led over 1500 social change workshops on five continents.
    Note:  Salem Quarter will also meet on June 13, September 12, and December 12.  Salem Quarter traditionally meets the second Sunday in March, June, September, and December. 

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